About Us

Waverley Community Learning Centre is a Neighbourhood House that offers activities, classes and meeting rooms.

The Centre is administered by a Committee of Governance, all of whom are local residents committed to community development and meeting the needs of the local community.

We are a Community Centre of Learning and our goal is to provide a friendly, supportive, diverse and quality service.

Our Vision
Community growth through personal growth.

Our Purpose
Waverley Community Learning Centre offers opportunities for mind, heart and health.

Statement of Purpose
Encourage development and personal growth by responding to the social, recreational and educational needs of the community.
Deliver accessible activities that reduce social isolation, improve wellbeing and add value to the community.
Provide opportunities for members of the local community to share their knowledge, skills and experience with others.

Our Values
Harmony, Integrity, Diversity, Flexibility, Respect.

Strategic Direction
Expand programs, services and activities to meet community needs.
Develop and improve facilities.
Partnerships and networking.